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I am posting this on Wednesday the 19th. I think if you want to spend the next two days using this, you could have enough for two days of lessons.

Included are PDF’s and Photoshop Documents that I made for the unit.

Basically, we did movie talk through the four commercials that are linked in the presentation. Four the animated one, I took screen shots and they had to look through them beforehand and try to put them into a story. We discussed what we saw before watching. While watching they put them in order.

Finally, after we had seen them and discussed them enough. I separated them into two groups and played the presentation game with them. I gave them the clue or the information and they had to determine in which commercial it was from. For example: Wears glasses. - Justino was the only main character that wore glasses.

Lastly, we discussed throughout the week the lottery system and the tickets.

This isn’t a complete lesson as I haven’t provided all directions, but it should be fairly self-explanatory. Please let me know if you like it!